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work is our

As a company, our biggest advantage is that we are a very small but effective team. Video production with us means availability and responsiveness are, without a doubt, our key strengths.
Since the inception of our company, we have combined the latest toolkit and technologies with the creativity of our staff to create works that exceed customer expectations.

Our work is our passion : we truly love working with our customers, discovering what makes them special, and telling that story to the world.

Our team is one of the best out there Our team is one of the best out there

The people of
Ziet Prod


Kris is perceptive and has a great capacity for anticipation, he never loses focus, even in a crunch. Kris has directed and produced over a hundred projects and masters the audiovisual industry. All this while keeping high spirits and showering the team with his unique French humor.
When he’s not on set, he turns to his creative side to lead Ziet Production strategically and creatively : he populates own next short films and features pipeline!
But Kris didn’t accidentally gain this status; he cut his teeth working for years in the industry starting as a runner, a prop master, and 1st AD. We can safely say he’s been through the whole food chain.
Throughout his career of filming production, Kris has produced several of awards winning commercials.
Kris doesn’t ever go to sleep without revisiting his classics, whether it be ‘Friends’ for a laugh, or some obscure Stanley Kubrick work for kicks.



This 90’s child is incredibly mature; we call her an old soul.
Chaimaa is a determined and cheerful Producer who loves getting things done. PROPERLY. Whether she’s working on a low or high budget filming production, she’s in for the challenge of finding the right ‘everything’.
Her knack for problem solving and mental agility has led her to become one of the best producers in the region, in her twenties!
Having dabbled in various schools of filming production, she knows exactly how to play the game and save the day.
In recent years she has collaborated with the greatest directors in the industry such as Alejandro Toledo, Bruno Aveillan, Ali Ali ..
When she’s not on set making creative dreams come true, you’ll probably find her in yoga class or reading a business book.
Chaimaa’s goofy humor is a good match for Kris’, and comes handy to let off steam on long shooting days!