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One country, many

From snowy mountain tops to deserts, beaches and picturesque cities with narrow streets and vibrant markets with loud tradesmen, spices and snake charmers, there isn’t much that can’t be filmed in Morocco.

Cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Ouarzazate have many studios attracting productions ranging from feature-length films to documentaries and big budget television dramas.

One of the reasons why Morocco as a filming location is so attractive to production studios is that the country understands the requirements, simplifies the approval process, establishes security, and develops infrastructure that supports shooting multiple projects in a year. Everything from accommodations to transportation has been sorted out, making filming logistically easier and safer.

Morocco presents a set of undeniable assets :


Remarkable expertise and know-how of audiovisual and cinema technicians, honed over a half century, from Orson Welles to JJ Abrams.


The filming location is undeniably a significant cost saving place.


Administrative and customs facilities, tariff and tax incentives in favor of foreign productions.

And of course, in Morocco, they have Ziet production !