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collaborative approach

Cooperation with Ziet production is just like cooperation with large companies, except for having a more personal, sensitive and transparent relationship. We like beautiful stories-things that inspire us, pull our inner strength and make us wiser.

Urgent timetables and rising costs are not an obstacle to high-quality, creative content. We use our skills, resources and team to provide you with the support you expect and more.

We provide end-to-end video production services. When you come to us with a short list of ideas, we will contribute all our skills and experience to enrich and develop them into compelling and powerful products. We engage with our customers technically and creatively on the video production.

This is how we work : We involve the best talent at all stages, and we view our projects as collaborative, our talent meets your talent. Getting a beautiful final product within budget and timeline is what matters the most !

We get involved in projects that we like to share and take pride in showing.

Our Capabilities

We spend about 1-2 weeks on creativity and scripting. At this stage, we will study the concept and send you a rough note script. We then work with you to finalize the nuances and ensure that we have incorporated everything relevant to your goals.

This is also the time when we plan the film shoot. This involves casting, scouting locations, and every other aspect of it, whether technical, financial, admin or otherwise. You will be surprised by the professional knowledge and attention to detail we summon to achieve the kind of performance we aim for. In short, we care about prepping properly.

The following step is shooting the video. We use the latest cinema cameras, high-end lighting and grip equipment, and crews who really know their stuff. We work with directors who know how to produce a story that exceeds expectations.

This is the editing stage that takes from a few days to several weeks.Here, we transcode and process all the material to create a rough clip for you.You will receive a cut, or several cuts, for comments and notes.Once we’re all satisfied with the result, we’re ready for final delivery. Things like visual effects (VFX), editing, motion graphics, color grading, and audio mixing all happen in this final stage.

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